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Sugarcoat EP By, The Cordial Sins | 10" Lathe Cut Record

Sugarcoat EP By, The Cordial Sins | 10" Lathe Cut Record

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What are lathe cut records? 
    •    These are records made on polycarbonate instead of your standard pressed record. They are made using an embossing needle 

What does this mean?
    •    The shallow grooves from embossing mean more surface noise and quieter playback. Make sure to pump the volume baby! (This is normal for all lathe cuts) 

How do I play them? 
    •    Manually place your needle down on the disc. It is not set up for auto play


Unfortunately, record plants across the world are experiencing a back up. Independent bands are having to wait 12-14 months minimum to receive their orders. We wanted to provide bands a way to put their music on a disc and be able to sell at shows as quickly as possible. 

These are rare, limited edition pressings that are supposed to be fun and collectible. Lathe cut records are kinda like the screen printed posters of records. Short lived, small runs. Thank you for supporting independent bands and record labels! 
Rock On! 

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